Bright Coin, The Intelligent Coin

Our goal is to make a tool that can assist, educate, and inform its users with life lasting lessons on crypto trading using artificial intelligence.
Through all media feeds will we decipher and make sense of market conditions, to help ensure better growth in the community.

Powerful Community.

Bright coin feels its important for everyone to make the choice where they want to trade and socialize.
Our community is vast and spread out across the world and media platforms.

Mobile wallet

Our recommended mobile wallet is Imtoken, its quality, security and risk assessment, is truly top of the class and we look forward to their success.

Bot Access Fee

The Bot will have a set fee of $10.00 USD (equivalent in BRC)
This fee will never change and will not go to the company but rather be destroyed and reduced from the supply. In doing this we give back to the community, by increasing the value of their token holdings.

Telegram Development

Telegram offers the most functionality for our development team. The scalability and security offers us a great base for our bot users to enjoy the highest quality encryption and group discussion.

Project Strategy

Bright Coin is dedicated to investor and consumer growth. We will seek partnerships with other subscription based groups to also make use of our token to increase demand and value of investor holdings.

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Supply and Demand

Bright Coin is a pre-mined token the supply is fixed and can not increase.


All funds taken for service will be destroyed thus reducing the supply and increasing the demand with a great service, will make the value of the token increase


With our networking skills and large community we will have many different types of groups that can easily use our token as membership. Thus increasing demand and value of our erc-20 token.

Excellent Support

Brightcoin is always available to help with our 10 years of experience, we are dedicated to making your crypto trading experience positive without confusion.





"A groundbreaking system that delivers on its promises and exceeds expectations- even with the bar set high, naturally. This is the future of coins."
Sandra ThompsonTech Reviewer

BRC Trading bot



BRCAI is a High Frequency and an automated trading bot for Bittrex.
It grabs the market and analyzes the pairs (indicators , volumes , walls , sentiments) and finds best opportunities to auto trade them 🙂

The bot works with Bittrex and can be controlled through telegram (Check profits , performance, restart , stop..)
BRCAI is running on powerful dedicated servers and will be trading 24/24 , 7/7 even when you’re offline 🙂


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